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How to recognize

  1. The spirit of Eli will, at times, severally hinder the gift of discernment. One that has this spirit may appear to have the gift of discernment one minuet and be way off base the next. 1 Samuel 1:9-15 
  2. The spirit of Eli targets people in the position of a  spiritual leader,  these positions may be ordained by God for generations. The spirit of Eli uses this family heritage to strengthen ones bond to family to a point that interferes with hearing God.   1 Samuel 2 :27-30
  3. People influenced by this spirit are more concerned with the appearance of sin, than they are with the sin itself.  1 Samuel 2 :22-24
  4. People that allow themselves to be controlled by this spirit will stop at nothing to defend their cause, and believe that it is right to do so. 1 Samuel 2 :15-16

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